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What's Up, #1.

What's Up is going to be my spot away from all the fanfiction, art, features and such to just be totally random and voice my thoughts about the current world of TVB, be it series, hot current topics, upcoming series or just plain, pure unadulterated gossip.

Current 'It' Series?

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As of late, the one series that I've really been into has been Steps. Before, my only motivation for watching this was for Bernice and Steven, both of which I'm obviously a huge fan of. Also, I've always loved to dance and watch dance, so obviously, this was one series I wasn't gonna go without.

However, after watching episode after episode, and now up to episode 13, I have to say, I'm really enjoying it as a whole. Something as light-hearted as this is definitely welcome for me. I really enjoyed Fathers and Sons, but felt it was not as comedic or funny as it looked (Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it was bad, because it definitely wasn't).

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So for me, Steps fills up that gap nicely. The Steven and Bernice chemistry works a lot better here than it did in Brink of Law, and Wayne Lai, as usual never disappoints. Definitely more on this in future posts.

A New Year, A New Calendar

I've loved TVB calendars for as long as I remember. When I was a little kid, we used to get them from the video rental store every year, and I loved flipping the pages to stare at my favourite TV stars. Then, for some reason I can't remember, my parents just stopped renting and my only source of TVB were the horribly delayed series I got on TV, before I discovered the power of the Internet. But, I digress.

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Jessica and Louis in January 2002. One of my favourite pairings of all time.

I miss the days when it was just two people in one month. Nowadays it's just getting too crowded in one page. There was one year where there was about practically fifty people on the cover or something. Lol.

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November '07: Myolie, Raymond, Tavia, Sonija.

But, I suppose, people like to look at as many pretty faces as possible. Beauty sells. This year's calendar looks like it's going to be good, what with them flying to Taiwan and the supposed reenactment of classic TVB scenes. Hopefully it doesn't disappoint.

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Benny, Kenix and Bowie in 2003

According to this article, Raymond and Linda are apparently on January, so that's good news for Raymond/Linda fans. (Jennison, I bet you're not happy about this, lol.) Other than that, it sounds quite standard; the veterans in one month, the pageant beauties in one month, the beautiful bodies in one month.

, Tavia and Bosco are also apparently in one month together; I can just imagine them having loads of fun during shooting since they all get along so well. Can't wait to see the outcome!

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Ron, Steven & Wong Hei in September 2004

You can also expect coming write-ups on TVB calendars in this space! ;)

Speak the Words On Your Lips

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I like chatboxes/tagboards and how they allow us to communicate with one another on the blog, but honestly the spamming of some of these tagboards over at other popular TVB blogs is getting ridiculous. People pretending to be TVB executives or even the artistes themselves are hilarious, what with their random and delusional remarks. Yes, I get that no matter what, you'll defend your favourites, but the way some of these people go about with defending is completely off-center. But oh well, it really does make for good entertainment for the rest of us who don't get into it.

Anniversary Buzz?

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And yes, its this time of the year again; when speculation heats up all over the TVB blogosphere. Rigged? Deserving? Who knows. Everyone's backing Moses up this year, and I whole heartedly agree with that. It's about damn time, and he has the roles this year to prove it. But then again, who knows? Anniversaries always throw the audience a curveball. *cough*lastyear'sbestactor*cough*

I really miss the old format of the anniversary when there were games and lots of laughter, with the awards in between. And especially the many Favourite Character awards and the Best Couple ones. There have been so many great characters and couples that have missed out. I can imagine Kevin/Niki, Moses/Bernice and Bosco/Myolie all being strong contenders for the Best Couple award in the past.

Every year, there will be disputes, there will be disagreements. For me, the answer has always been the same. It's not TVB that counts, its the fans. So yes, do watch this space. You just might see my very own Glaze-Over Awards which you all have to vote for very soon. ;) Stay tuned!


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Blogger MC3 said...

welcome back!!! and you came back with a strong update... :D

STEPS... i really need to catch up... ive only watched up to ep 5... waiting for my mom to get it 'cause im too lazy to download... :P

and about next year's calendar... im just happy moses got in... for a while i thought they were going to leave him out...

oh the chatterbox situation is extremely hilarious... i just love reading it even though i know it's a little silly... like you said "good entertainment..."

hopefully moses gets it this year... if not i guess it's ok :P ... i feel that some veterans also deserve the award... oh i still cant believe they took out the best partner award the year moses & bernice did LB... now that makes me angry... but good thing they got it for ASTRO... hehe... good times...

cant wait to see that Glaze-Over Awards entry...

28 September 2007 at 00:40


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