Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The #1 Annual "Glaze-Over of TVB" Awards - The Nominations!

What is the Annual "Glaze-Over of TVB" Awards, and why should I vote?

The Annual "Glaze-Over of TVB" Awards is this blog's version of the TVB Anniversary Awards. It has all the same categories as the TVB Anniversary Awards, plus an added number of equally deserving nominees. Here, we break all the TVB rules - not only do we have the usual categories, but we have fun, just-for-laughs categories as well. Where else are you going to find a "Most Annoying Character" Award?

Furthermore, these awards take into account all the series that viewers have seen through the year, be it on TV or from the Internet. Yes, this means that series that have been released "overseas" are eligible as well!

Every year, fans are allowed to vote for the TVB Anniversary Awards, but the final result is "decided" upon by TVB. The Annual "Glaze-Over of TVB" Awards are your chance to have your say as the final results as based solely on your votes and nothing else.

How do I vote?

Easy! Simply look over the list of nominations below for the various categories, and choose your favourites. Then, open up your email, copy and paste the below categories into the email and fill in your favourites! Be sure to specify the series the person you're voting for was in because some of them are nominated for multiple series. Send the email to, and leave the rest to me. In the meantime, feel free to tell all your friends to vote! Yes, it's that easy.

Best Actor (max. 3 votes):
Best Actress (max. 3 votes):
Best Supporting Actor (max. 3 votes):
Best Supporting Actress (max. 3 votes):
Most Improved Actor (max. 2 votes):
Most Improved Actress (max. 2 votes):
Most Favourite Male Character (max. 5 votes):
Most Favourite Female Character (max. 5 votes):
Best Romantic Partnership (max. 5 votes):
Best Non-Romantic Partnership (max. 3 votes):
Best Father Figure (max. 3 votes):
Best Mother Figure (max. 3 votes):
Best Villain (max. 2 votes):
Most Annoying Character (max. 2 votes):
The "Ick Factor" Award (max. 2 votes):
The Best Kiss Award (max. 2 votes):
The "I-Wanted-More-of-Them" Award (max. 2 votes):
My Favourite Ensemble Award (max. 2 votes):
Best Ending Award (max. 2 votes):
Most Atrocious Hairstyle Award (max. 2 votes):
My Favourite Cameo Appearance (max. 2 votes):
My Favourite Sing-Along Theme Song (max. 3 votes):
Best Poster (max. 2 votes):
Best Series (max. 2 votes):

How many times can I vote?

You should only send in one e-mail with all your votes in it, but in each category, you can vote for more than one person. The maximum number of votes you may cast in one category are denoted above.

You didn't nominate one of my favourites. Can I still vote for him/her?

A Glaze-Over of TVB did not watch all of the series above, and hence, cannot make an objective judgement on who should be best nominated from those series it did not watch. However, after initial research done and opinions by other fellow fans, it has tried to come up with the best list of nominees for the major categories, i.e. Best Actor/Actress, Supporting and Most Improved categories.

In fact, there are four categories with no nominees, and this is where you come in with your opinions and choices!

If you still really feel like a deserving actor/actress has been left out, these awards are flexible. Do let me know who I have left out, and why you feel like he/she deserves a nomination and he/she just might be added to the nominations. There also will be some categories where you are encouraged to nominate your own favourites; this will be stated under the category explanations below.

Can I only vote in some categories?

The answer is, yes, of course! As said before, these awards are flexible and you can vote for only the categories you wish and just simply leaving the other fields blank.

How long do I have to vote?

Of course, it would be best if you could submit your vote as soon as possible so that A Glaze-Over of TVB could start on the tabulation early. However, voting closes on the 17th of November, 2007. All votes received after then are void. The results will tentatively be released a week later, on the 24th of November, 2007.

Who are the nominees?

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The Best Actor/Actress Award
- The name says it all. Cast your votes for the man & woman whom you think did the best job in a leading role.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The Best Supporting Actor/Actress Awards
- Often overlooked by many for the success of the series, it is the time to give these talented actors and actress in a supporting role some love.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The Most Improved Actor/Actress Awards (left out earlier; thanks Shirley for pointing it out) - The guy and the girl who has caught your eye for improving the most throughout the previous year - who will it be?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
My Favourite Male/Female Character Awards (also left out earlier, thanks to Shirley once again for noticing it!): Every year there are some characters that catch your eye. It may be the way the character was written, or the way the character was fleshed out by the actor/actress themselves that make them your favourites. But, they make you laugh and cry with them; hope and have faith with them; root for them because there's just that special something about them.

If you have already voted but left out these four categories because of my blur-ness, feel free to send me another email with your votes for these categories! :)

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Best Romantic/Non-Romantic Partnership Awards: A Glaze-Over of TVB brings back the 'crowd favourite award' that has been abolished by TVB. Vote for the partnerships you feel bring the most sizzle and chemistry to your screen, so much that you actually believed it was real.

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Best Father/Mother Figure Award: Ah, parental figures. Where would we be without them? Vote for your favourite TVB fathers and mothers in this category. Not only are actual mothers and fathers nominated, but brothers and sisters who assume parental roles are nominated too!

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The Best Villain Award:
These are the people who make evil and conniving look so delicious. They are convincing, they do hell of a good job, and you have to admit, the series wouldn't have been such a gripping watch, if not for their presence.
(My apologies - Kwok Fung should have been nominated for Dicey Business, and not Heart of Greed, as it says in the list above. Forgive the typo.)

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Most Annoying Character Award:
How many times have you watched a TVB series and felt like reaching through your screen to award a character a slap simply just because he/she was so annoying?

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The Most Atrocious Hairstyle Award:
Everybody's a director when it comes to TVB, and certainly, everyone's a stylist when it comes to TVB. How many times have you watched a series, and think to youself, "Gosh, I would have done things differently!" Pick out the hairstyle you have wanted to change the most for these characters.
(Note: Power Chan is nominated for his incredibly awful wig in the early stages of DOL.)

My Favourite Cameo Appearance Award: Some actors and actresses appear for only a few episodes in a series to make a cameo. There were plenty throughout the year, but which ones brightened up the series and were your favourites? Feel free to nominate your own favourite cameos for this category.

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The 'Ick Factor' Award:
The name says it all, vote for the moment you felt make your stomach squirm the most. Feel free to nominate other moments you felt disgusted by in this category.

Additional nomination for The 'Ick' Factor - Chan Hung Lit trying to seduce Kam Yin Ling by reliving the old file (Best Selling Secrets) - thanks cF!

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The Best Kiss Award:
Nominate your favourite kisses for this award. It could be a simple peck on the cheek from son to father, a sweet smooch in a romantic setting or an intense kiss filled with passion. TVB has become more generous with their kissing scenes these days, so there's a huge pool for you to take your pick from!

The "I-Wanted-More-of-Them" Award: Time and time again you watch a series and wished that there would be more scenes of a certain someone, or a certain partnership. These people don't have large enough roles to be considered supporting, but yet, the series wouldn't feel the same without them because they steal almost every scene they are in.

The Best Ending Award: TVB is infamous for having perfectly fine series end on a stupid, contrived note. This award is for you to honour the best ending in a TVB series. It could a happy ending, an ending where the villains got their 'just desserts' or even a bittersweet ending, if that floats your boat. It's entirely up to you!

The My Favourite Ensemble Award: Many a time would you decide to watch a series only because you like one of the actors/actresses in it and nobody else. This here is a chance for you to vote for your favourite ensemble in a series. Which group of actors and actresses from a series collectively made it on your favourite list? (Note: You are voting for a series cast as a whole e.g. the entire Heart of Greed cast, Best Selling Secrets cast, etc.)

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My Favourite Sing-Along Theme Song Award: I'm pretty sure this one needs no introduction. The themes are such a big part of the series that every time you hear it, you just immediately think of the series. Vote for your favourites!

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The Best Poster Award: Vote for the poster you felt was most creative, most beautiful, the poster that reflected the mood and story of the series the best.

The Best Series Award: Simple - which one was your favourite of the year?


If there are any other questions, do leave a comment on the tag-board, or in the comments to this post. You could also send an email to! The person behind this blog is extremely friendly and doesn't bite, so feel free to ask away! Remember, to spread the news and tell everyone to vote, vote, vote! :) A Glaze-Over of TVB will be waiting for those emails, then!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

ST here:

Best Actor: Bobby Au Yeung and Moses Chan

Best Actress: Michelle Yim and Bernice Liu (I'm biased..haha)

Best Supporting Actor: Wayne Lai

Best Supporting Actress: (I can't choose one cos I donno who to choose)

Best Romantic Partnership Nomination: Steven & bernice (I really love them in steps, so can't say I'm biased)

Best non-romantic Partnership Nomination: Wayne & Steven, Wayne and Bernice, Bobby, Oscar, Fred, Lei Seng cheung and other co-workers.

Best Father Figure: Ha YU, Bobby, Kwok Fung

Best Mother Figure: Louise Lee Sze Kei, Michelle Yim (I just choose those tht has a motherly look)

Best Villian Nominations: Michelle Yim, Shirley Yeung (they're pretty good)

My Fav Cameo Appearance Nominations: Ha Yu

The Ick Factor : Ngoh Wah and Bernice (Find it err...)

The Best Ending Award : (Hmm...more of like Love Bond)

My Fav ThemeSong : Bernice's SOD (Basically all of Bernice's songs..hahaI'm biased again), Noella's Fireflies,Steven & Ron's TBOL..

Best Series: Steps (biased)

Best Posters: Dicey Business and Steps

Sorry if anyone wanna bash me cos it's obvious tht I love Bernice, so pretty biased and I think my votes are not countable for cos most of the series I haven't watch yet so can't judge them but I just feels like playing along... :P

11 October 2007 at 16:56

Blogger glazed.over said...

Haha, ST, that's cool! Thanks for being the first vote ;) Don't worry, I'm sure all the people who come here understand that everyone has their favourites and won't bash you. Remember to check back in a month or so for the results!

11 October 2007 at 17:08

Blogger MC3 said...

i need some for this... hehe... have to make some careful choices... :D

will email you after my midterms!!!

12 October 2007 at 13:06

Blogger glazed.over said...

mc3: Hehe, I agree you would need some time to make the right choices :P But I know who your vote for Best Actor will be already.

Good luck for those midterms!

12 October 2007 at 16:11

Blogger Shirley said...

Is it just me or are there no nominations for 'improved' and 'character'? I suppose I'll just choose from my head then!

12 October 2007 at 16:12

Blogger glazed.over said...

shirley: Whoops, my bad! :-S It seems like I left them all out! Lol. Adding them right now. Thanks for pointing that out to me!

12 October 2007 at 17:16

Blogger Taelin said...

Best Actor: Ha Yu - Heart of Greed
Best Actress: Charmaine Sheh - The Drive of Life
Best Supporting Actor: Ng Wai Kwok - The Drive of Life
Best Supporting Actress: Leila Tong - The Family Link
Most Improved Actor: Chris Lai
Most Improved Actress: Bernice Liu
My Fav Male Character: Ha Yu/Moses Chan/Damien Lau (I can't choose)
My Fav Female Character: Charmaine Sheh (Wing Sau Fung)
Best Romantic Partnership: Raymond Lam & Charmaine Sheh in The Drive of Life/Linda Chung & Moses Chan in Heart of Greed
Best Non-Romantic Partnership: Damien Lau, Liu Gin Sand and Michael Miu (they're brothers, for heaven sakes..)
Best Father Figure: Damien Lau - The Drive of Life
Best Mother Figure: Lee Sze Kei - HOG
Best Villain: Susanna Kwan - HOG
Most Annoying Character: Dunno
Most Atrocious Hairstyle: Gig Wong
My Fav Cameo: Dunno
'Ick' Factor: Bosco eating meatballs off the street. EWWWW.
Best Kiss: The kiss in Ep 11 (I think) in DOL of Charmaine Sheh and Raymond Lam on the 2nd floor of those busses.
"I-wanted-more-of-them": Moses Chan and Linda Chung ROMANCE (not friendship) in HOG
Best Ending: None. All to happy for me xD
Fav Ensemble: HOG cast~
Fav Theme Song: Hacken Lee and Steve Chou - The Drive of Life (I started singing it the other day for some reason..)
Best Series: HOG or DOL
Best Poster: DOL!

19 October 2007 at 15:59

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've sent an e-mail on my choices to you...take a look at it ya! by the way, just wanna voice out my opinion'll seriously freak me out if bernice did not win the most improved actress in this year's TVB award! lol

21 October 2007 at 14:40

Blogger glazed.over said...

taelin: Thanks for your votes! I really appreciate it ;)

anonymous: Yeah, I just got your email! Like I said, I really appreciate everyone being so participative. Aww, I really hope she wins too.

21 October 2007 at 14:55

Blogger xiaoxiao said...

this my choice:
Best Actor: Ha Yu - Heart of Greed
Best Actress: Lee Szi kei,Michelle Yim
Best Supporting Actor:Derek Kwok Jing hung-The family link
Best Supporting Actress: Natalie Tong Szi Wing -the ultimate crime fighter
Most Improved Actor: Chris Lai lok yi
Most Improved Actress: Natalie Tong szi Wing
My Fav Male Character: Sammul chan (Lee pak kiu) and Chris lai (TGGOH)
My Fav Female Character: Lee szi kei (Dai kai)
Best Romantic Partnership: Chris lai &Natalie Tong (Heart of greed,TGGOH)
Best Non-Romantic Partnership: Sheren Tang,Cecilia Yip& KIki sheung-The family link
Best Father Figure:Ha yu -Heart of greed
Best Mother Figure: Lee Sze Kei - HOG
Best Villain: Susanna Kwan - HOG
Most Annoying Character: Dunno
Most Atrocious Hairstyle: Kate Tsui -Steps
My Fav Cameo:Natalie Tong -heart of greed
The 'Ick Factor' Award:Leila forcing herself to eat rotten "tong sui"-The family link
The "I-Wanted-More-of-Them" :Natalie Tong
Best Ending: TGGOH
Fav Theme Song: Frankie Lam & Kenix Kwok -Ten brothers
Best Series:the ultimate crime fighter
Best Poster:Heart of greed

22 October 2007 at 16:49

Anonymous ShenKit said...

Here are my votes:

Best Actor: Moses Chan Ho - Heart of Greed
Best Actress: Michelle Yim Mai Shuet - The Brink of Law
Best Supporting Actor: Louis Yuen Siu Cheung – Heart of Greed; Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung – Steps
Best Supporting Actress: Tavia Yeung Yi – Heart of Greed
Most Improved Actor: Chris Lai Lok Yi – Heart of Greed; Stephen Wong Ka Lok – Steps
Most Improved Actress: Bernice Liu Bik Yee – Steps
My Fav Male Character: Moses Chan Ho (Tong Chi On/Dak Dak Dei) – Heart of Greed
My Fav Female Character: Linda Chung (Sheung Joi Sum) – Heart of Greed
Best Romantic Partnership: Moses Chan Ho & Linda Chung Ka Yan – Heart of Greed
Best Non-Romantic Partnership: Ha Yu and Moses Chan Ho - Heart of Greed
Best Father Figure: Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung - Steps
Best Mother Figure: Lee Sze Kei – Heart of Greed
Best Villain: Michelle Yim Mai Shuet – The Brink of Law
Most Annoying Character: Akina Hong (Judy) – Steps
The 'Ick' Factor: Moses Chan Ho and Yoyo Mung throwing up – Heart of Greed
Best Kiss: Bosco Wong kissing Tavia Yeung on the forehead – Heart of Greed
"I-wanted-more-of-them": Moses Chan Ho and Linda Chung Ka Yan’s romance – Heart of Greed
My Fav Ensemble Award: Heart of Greed cast
Best Ending Award: No deserving series for this award
Most Atrocious Hairstyle: Sheren Tang – The Drive of Life
My Fav Cameo Appearance: Natalie Tong Sze Wing – Heart of Greed
My Fav Sing-Along Theme Song: Bernice Liu Bik Yee – Steps; Linda Chung/Raymond Lam – Heart of Greed subtheme
Best Poster: Drive of Life
Best Series: Heart of Greed

29 October 2007 at 20:29

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1 November 2007 at 01:43


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