Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fanart; #3: Of Six Beauties and a Golden Couple

The urge to make some fanart hit me that other day and I came up with a couple of banners. It's been awhile since I've made any stuff like this, so hopefully they're not too awful.

Click on the image to see it in its slightly bigger, original size, if you wish. :)

Bernice: The One and Only - I loved these pictures when I first saw them, because it was my first time seeing Bernice with such short hair, and she looked really good in the pictures. Just had to make a banner out of it. :)

Leila: Little Miss Special - I love the 'Little Miss' t-shirts and even own a few, and was even happier when I saw Leila modeling these. She's totally got the right look for these tee-shirts and they suit her own personal sense of style; cute and comfy, yet hip. These pictures were really cute.

Tavia, Myolie, Bernice & Leila: My four favourite young female TVB stars all with one thing in common. Hee.

Tavia: Simply Stunning - I think the caption really does say it all. Tavia really is, in all entirety, stunning to me. There's just a glow and elegance about her in these photos even though she's at three different events, dressed differently.

Myolie: Emanating a Light of Her Own - I find Myolie very classy in real life, contrasting to the tomboyish, stubborn character she always tends to play, and wanted to show that. I'd love for her to play a toned-down, silent character one day to really showcase the talent she truly has.

Selena Li: These pictures of Selena were very beautiful and certainly showed me another side of her. I really hope we get to see more of her soon because she really impressed me in To Grow With Love. Here's to hoping for more success in her career with TVB.

Linda: Sweet, yet Sultry - These are a set of pictures from the Next Magazine Awards photoshoot, but I think they show two very different, yet interesting sides to her, and decided to put them together.

Bernice & Moses: Undeniable whirlwind of desire - What can I say further about this rumoured couple? They are indeed one of my favourite, if not top favourite, pairings of all time. There's just so much going on between the both of them, so much chemistry on and off-screen, that it would be shame if they both didn't see it. Just my two cents. ;)


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