Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year; Video Spotlight #6

Hey everyone! Sincerely from me, here's wishing all readers of A Glaze-Over of TVB and TVB fans an especially warmth-filled and joyous Christmas and an equally happy and fun-filled time ushering in the New Year! I hope everyone has a fantastic and healthy time spending these celebrations and holidays with beloved family and friends as we toast the end of yet another memorable year, and look ahead to another great 365 days.

Here's a few special TVB Christmas clips to help me with my greetings!

A great Christmas greeting from six years ago! Jessica Hsuan, Stephen Au, Jade Leung, Raymond Lam, Gigi Wong and Halina Tam wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Cool clip, filled with the Christmas spirit, from TVB.

And now, a three part special collection of Christmas greetings from the TVB stars this year with special thanks to A Way of Thinking. Enjoy!

Part 1 - stars include Moses Chan, Joel Chan, Sharon Chan, Sunny Chan, Yoyo Chen, Kevin Cheng, Mandy Cho, Raymond Cho, Vin Choi, Linda Chung, Tracy Ip, Matthew Ko, Susanna Kwan, Roger Kwok, Sonija Kwok and Raymond Lam.

Part 2 - stars include Leanne Li, Selena Li, Bernice Liu, Joe Ma, Kenneth Ma, Steven Ma, Yoyo Mung, Christine Ng, Carlos Ng and Angela Tong

Part 3 - stars include Natalie Tong, Michael Tse, Kate Tsui, Ben Wong, Wong Cho Lam, Jack Wu, Myolie Wu, Nancy Wu, Vivien Yeo, Shirley Yeung, Tavia Yeung, Bowie Lam and See Kei Jie. Wong Cho Lam absolutely cracks me up, lol.

Upcoming next - The results of the #1 Annual Glaze-Over of TVB Awards! It's a very long post and it took me forever to do, but it's almost done and I think I'm going to have it up very very soon. The new fanvid I'm working on as voted for you guys which stars the very awesome Raymond and Tavia! If you guys have any special vids or pics that you think a FungYi video absolutely must have, remember to leave me a comment anywhere on this blog or email me at And also, not forgetting Chapter 3 of There and Back Again - all the support and requests for updates are really overwhelmingly pleasing!

Well, that's all from me for now, definitely more to come next time. Again, have a great end of the year :)

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