Monday, December 31, 2007

Video Spotlight #7

Hello again, guys! At the beginning of the month, I posted a poll in this post, where you guys could have your say on who I should focus my next fanvid on. Well, guess what? The winner, Raymond/Tavia won by a milestone, a large margin of 50 votes or 52% of the total votes! Second place clocked in at only 17 votes. It just goes to show how popular this pairing is, and how many fans they have. And, I was really happy with the results too, as I'm also a Ray/Tav fan and had tons of fun making this fanvid. I hope you have as much fun watching as I did making! Here we go, a Raymond and Tavia vid from me; Happy New Year and have fun ushering in 2008!

Raymond and Tavia MV - You Are My Signal Fire

Ever since the glory days of Golden Faith and Twin of Brothers, this coupling has won over many fans. Very few people cannot remember the sizzling sparks between Raymond and Tavia as Oscar and Kiko, and Kau Chong and Sau Ning in those respective series. The truth is, they made such a great impression on us that until today, many fans are on board their pairing. The term FungYi was coined, and there was no looking back. I'm not one to mesh couple names together to form a word, but for some reason, FungYi just works.

It's been years since us FungYi fans have gotten them paired up in a series together. Yummy Yummy, Face to Fate and Heart of Greed starred them both, but one can only imagine how much chemistry they'd generate, especially now that both their acting skills have matured.

But, it's not only their on-screen chemistry but the fact that they are just simply so comfortable with each other off-screen as well. There's just this undeniable spark that they share when they're around each other. Might there be something more? This video follows the fantastic FungYi moments since their foray into TVB till now, and hopefully there are many more moments to come. Set to the sound of Signal Fire by Snow Patrol, enjoy this fanvid and let me know what you think!

Again, have a Happy New Year!

Clips and pics include screencaps and videos from from Twin of Brothers, Golden Faith, Yummy Yummy, Face to Fate and their individual series promo events.

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Blogger Mika said...

The video you made is so awesome!! Thank you for making it and sharing it with all of Raymond and Tavia fans. FungYi sounds just about right!

2 January 2008 at 19:54

Anonymous ktvb said...

That clip was interesting to watch =) I'm not a FungYi fan and i didn't watch Twins of Brothers, just Golden Faith when they were a pairing (but I don't remember much of their relationship).

It's funny how you slow-moted that part the two were holding hands on stage during their Award ceremony for HOG hahah

14 January 2008 at 20:40


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