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The #1 Annual Glaze-Over of TVB Awards: The Results!

Finally, after about a month two months, the votes are all in, the results all calculated. Readers of A Glaze-Over of TVB, these are your choices based on all the votes that you've sent in. These winners truly are your winners; the ones that you love to love and love to hate..

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Let's kick off the festivities with the My Favourite Cameo Appearance Award. These are the actors and actresses who only appeared over a handful of episodes, but yet still managed to capture your love and support, and making you wish that they were the ones starring in the series instead of that other artiste.

My Favourite Cameo Appearance Award

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Winner: Tavia Yeung Yi as Ho Fa [On the First Beat] 35%

Tavia reprises her role as Ho Fa in On the First Beat, the sequel to the surprisingly successful The Academy, but only for a short time, as her character goes overseas to study design, and her beau, Chung Lap Man, played by Ron Ng, takes up with a new girl. Retaining her popular following from The Academy, Tavia takes the award for My Favourite Cameo Appearance despite only having the most minimal screen-time. That was just how big an impact she had in the prequel.

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1st Runner-up: Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming as Yan Heung Ming [Brink of Law] 20%

Kenneth takes second place for his role as Yan Heung Ming in Brink of Law, brave and righteous police inspector by day, and goofy and loving brother, best friend, and boyfriend by night. Whether in catching criminals, righting the world's wrongs, or trying his best to make Bernice Liu's Ah Wing return his love for him, he did it all with devotion and determination. The many tears shed during his death turned into votes for him, and led him to second place.

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2nd Runner-up: Fiona Sit Hoi Kei as Fiona Ma Oi Lam [On the First Beat] 15%

Fiona Sit in her eponymous character made such a good impression in The Academy with her determined, playful and free-spirited character that this time round, with a much better hairstyle, she won the viewer's hearts yet again in a cameo role. Dying off in a heart-wrenching death and being separated from her love interest, Sammul Chan's Lee Pak Kiu, she wins the second runner-up place for your choice as Favourite Cameo.

Close behind: Ha Yu in Brink of Law, Tracy Ip Chui Chui in Steps

Interesting fact: Tavia Yeung and Fiona Sit had far less screen-time than any of the other cameo appearances and yet still placed first and third. The Academy is well and sorely missed.


How many times have you found yourself humming along to a theme song, or warbling the lyrics to a sub-theme in the shower? These are the scenes that make the series or a particular scene all the more poignant and the series would be a little poorer without them playing in the background or before every episode. Here's who you picked as your favourites.

My Favourite Sing-along Theme Song Award

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Winner: Bernice Liu Bik Yee - So In Love with You, Opening Theme [Steps] 16.2%

The latin flavoured introduction, coupled with the breezy and light-hearted melody and the sweet and demure quality of Bernice's vocals make for a perfect theme song for Steps. The lyrics, about an unconditional love match the music and the love story within the series brilliantly, and that is why it was your pick for Favourite Sing-Along Theme Song.

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1st Runner-up: Raymond Lam Fung - Loving You in Memories, Subtheme [Drive of Life] 13.5%

This poignant debut song by Raymond off his first album drives all of his romantic scenes opposite Charmaine Sheh and Myolie Wu in Drive of Life as its subtheme, and rightfully so. Not only do the lyrics fit the strong melody and arrangement in a perfect match, but also his bittersweet love relationships. Plus, Raymond's rich, melodic voice carries the song very well. Every time the opening stanzas of the song play over one of his scenes, you feel the emotion. No wonder it comes in second place here.

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2nd Runner-up: Noella Choi - Fireflies, Subtheme [Steps] 10.8%

This pretty song by Noella Choi, Ontario Independent Music Award winner, after being played over the romantic scene of Steven Ma and Bernice Liu in Steps had netizens searching high and low for it after the episode aired. Its subtle infusion of Latin music fit the series' theme well, and the lyrics are seemingly written for the sweet relationship between the two protagonists.

Close behind: Susanna Kwan Kuk Ying [Heart of Greed Opening Theme], Steven Ma Chun Wai & Ron Ng Cheuk Hei [Brink of Law, Opening Theme], Raymond Lam Fung & Linda Chung Ka Yan [Heart of Greed, Subtheme]

Interesting fact: Almost 75% of the votes went to theme-songs sung by TVB actor-singers. Case of improving quality of TVB actors becoming singers, or severe loyalty by fans?


It's not the professional entertainment critics or the tabloid reporters that are the harshest of them all. It's the viewers at home; us. Equipped with eyes sharper than an eagle when it comes to TVB and its artistes, we absolutely love to comment on appearances in series, especially hair. 2007 had some pretty flattering hairstyles for the actors and actresses, but it was certainly not short of atrocious and awful hairdos.

Most Atrocious Hairstyle Award

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Winner: Power Chan Kwok Bong as Wong Siu Leung [Drive of Life] 36.4%

Yes, we understand that at the start of Drive of Life, Power Chan was playing someone in the nineties. And while men in the nineties did have rather longish hair (think ala Nick Carter in his Backstreet Boys days with his floppy centre-parted hair), TVB could certainly have done a better job with the wig Power Chan had to wear. It looks like some kind of animal went to sleep on top of his head, died, and permanently attached itself there. It's no surprise that it was your number one Most Atrocious Hairstyle. Thank goodness Power Chan gets to retain his usual crew-cut later in the series.

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1st Runner-up: Sheren Tang Shui Man as Wong Siu Fun [Drive of Life] 18.2%

Again, while we do understand that Drive of Life spans about a decade in time, and that hairstyles and fads change, but forgive me when I say that I don't ever remember knowing anybody who had Siu Fun's hairstyle back in the nineties. Poor Sheren Tang had to deal with this oversized perm which looks like it has a mind of its own. The Posh Spice-Rihanna-bob she donned after getting her bank job was not 'all that' either, but it was certainly easier to get accustomed to compared to this. Boo TVB's hair department, for it is your first runner-up in this category.

Close behind: Gigi Wong Suk Yee as Hui Zham Yan [Drive of Life], Moses Chan Ho as Tong Chi On [Heart of Greed], Kate Tsui Tsz San as Yeung Sze Man [Steps]

Interesting fact: The Drive of Life swept this category away; honestly, hairstyles weren't as bad as TVB/CCTV made them out to be, ten years ago, were they?


How many times have you felt like reaching through your TV screen to give a character a slap or two or resisted the urge to scratch their eyes out, simply just because he/she was so annoying?

Most Annoying Character Award

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Winner: Gung Yu and other veterans as The Cheuk Family [Heart of Greed] 22.7%

Of all the irritating characters to grace our screens in the past year, this family certainly takes the cake. Possibly the most money-minded, greedy, and selfish people that TVB has rbrt seen, one just might seen dollar signs in their jaded eyes. Totally disregarding Jackie, played by Tavia Yeung, they betray family for money from start to finish. Hearts of greed, indeed. How fitting it is, that they win the award for Most Annoying Character(s) then.

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1st Runner-up: Lorea Solabarrieta as Amanda [Steps] 18.1%

Arrogant, bitchy, and most definitely annoying, the character of Amanda, the supposed brilliant dance instructor and Mannor Chan's character's arch-nemesis churns up emotions in you; but not of the good kind. Lorea Solabarrieta is apparently a famous dancer and takes on her first cameo, and falls flat performance-wise. I cannot make out if her character is annoying because she's such a witch or because the actress, if she can even be called that, is so incredibly atrocious. Deservingly, she takes second place here.

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2nd Runner-up: Akina Hong Wah as Judy [Steps] 13.6%

Akina Hong proves her knack for comedic timing as the gossip queen of the company in Steps here. Her penchant for gossip and her insatiable quest to stir things up within Hei Yeung Yeung make her extremely annoying, but yet extremely vital to the plot of the series. Together with her partner-in-crime, they take joint third place for this category.

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2nd Runner-up: Yu Yeung as Kuen Suk/"Lat Lo Fu" [Steps] 13.6%

Yu Yeung again conjures up a brilliant performance as the scheming, greedy, brown-noser Uncle Kuen, aptly nicknamed "Lat Lo Fu". Being at Hei Yeung Yeung for ages, he is against all form of innovation and lives only to shoe-shine his boss. His dislike and determination to make Cheng Ka Chun and Lee Lik Keung's (played by Steven Ma and Wayne Lai respectively) careers miserable, makes him 3rd most annoying on your list.

Close behind: Jeannette Leung as May May [Best Selling Secrets]

Interesting fact: Dance series Steps has spawned the highest number of annoying characters this year (Let's not forget Bob a.k.a. Kai Hung who tops the next category). Oh, and for general knowledge, Lorea Solabarrieta is spotted once again in War of In-Laws 2007 and is nothing short of wooden and non-dimensional for the whole half minute she is on screen.


There are moments where some scenes are just too visual for your liking, and you feel your stomach squirm just by watching them. Here's which scenes you thought had the highest "Ick Factor".

The "Ick Factor" Award

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Winner: Tung Jin Lung & Ah Wing's relationship; Ngoh Wah & Bernice Liu Bik Yee [Brink of Law] 33.3%

This creepy pairing, which undoubtedly made your hair stand on end, made it to your top spot, for having the biggest "Ick Factor". Ngoh Wah's Tung Jin Lung was involved in illegal doings, and Bernice's Ah Wing, was an undercover cop from Canada sent to get under Tung Jin Lung's skin with her youth, beauty and gentle personality. And that is exactly what she did. Soon, the elder man had fallen completely for her, and started making his advances. And let's just stop here, we obviously don't need to rehash the entire situation for you, for you definitely remembered it all too well to have voted for it as the winner.

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1st Runner-up: Billy some-other-ex-Mr-HK-contestant-which-we-don't-really-care-about as Bob/"Kai Hung" [Steps] 33.3%

Yet another awful actor from the horrible franchise that is the Mr. Hong Kong pageant, which is an undercover excuse for a certain high power at TVB to ogle at young, overly muscular men half her age, parading around in a skimpy, see-through spandex underwear. Billy-something is an awful actor and delivers his lines with less emotion than sandpaper would have. But other than that, the fact that was utterly disgusting were the terribly tight wifebeaters he would don. And wait, that's not all. The scene editing, which lingers on his chest for way too long, trying to emphasize that he is truly indeed, Kai Hung. Lo and behold, your other winner.

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1st Runner-up: Ah Fu eating meatballs off the street; Bosco Wong Chung Chak [Dicey Business] 14.3%

In this memorable, yet icky scene, Cheong Loi Fu, played with success by Bosco, has reclusively retreated to live underneath a pedestrian bridge. When hunted down by big brother Bobby Au Yeung in his character of Chai Foon Cheong, a tussle occurs and Bosco's box of food that was thrown away by someone else knocks over. With trembling fingers, Ah Fu ignores Ah Cheung's heedings and picks the meatball up, placing it into his mouth. And simultaneously, a few hundred viewer's stomachs churned. There you have it, your joint first runner up for this category.

Close behind: Chan Hung Lit reliving video in Best Selling Secrets

Interesting fact: Viewers will most likely be treated to yet another version of the "Ick Factor" winner very soon. Ngoh Wah will be paired up with yet another beautiful fa-dan, this time the amazing Ada Choi Siu Fun in The Gem of Life. And if the sales presentation clip is anything to go by, we just might have next year's winner already.


It's the poster that gives you a first initial feel of the series. A poster must not only be pretty, but also reflect the mood and the emotion of the series. Here are the posters which you felt deserved to take this prize.

Best Poster Award

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Winner: Steps 25%

Steps undoubtedly sported one of the prettiest posters for the year, and you apparently thought so too. The sweet purple tinge of the poster, set up a romantic and intimate feel for the series, evidently highlighting the partnering and chemistry in dance, which was the running theme of the show. The pictures of the pairs are very well done and they all look very good with nice make-up and fancy costumes. Top that off with the fancy curly font and you've got the top pick for the winner!

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1st Runner-up: Heart of Greed 17.9%

With being one of the top favourites of the year, if not the favourite, there's no doubt that Heart of Greed wouldn't feature in here somehow. The poster for Heart of Greed features the entire talented ensemble of stars, both old and young, and gives a very together family feel, perfect for its premise as a series revolving around family-type story lines. The dark colouring on the other hand, displays a darker side to the series, which fits it perfectly. No wonder it was your second favourite.

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2nd Runner-up: Dicey Business 10.7%

This uncluttered, simple poster of the main cast of Dicey Business took your vote for third place in this category. With just the main five of Bobby, Michael, Jessica, Bosco and Tavia, it focuses your attention on just them and their characters as the pictures of them in the poster is very reminiscent of the personalities they play in the series.

Close behind: Brink of Law, Drive of Life

Interesting fact: Fancy posters like the close behind contenders, Devil Disciples and The Ultimate Crime Fighter lost out to the simplicity of the Heart of Greed and Dicey Business posters. Guess less really is more.


Ever watch a TV series and wished that there were more scenes of a certain storyline, character or pairing? This award was specially crafted to honour just that; the story, person or couple that had such a profound impact on you, resulting in you wanting more of them.

The I-Wanted-More-of-Them Award

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Winner: Gilbert & Jackie as played by Bosco Wong Chung Chak & Tavia Yeung Yi [Heart of Greed] 28.6%

The highly popular Bosco and Tavia, each in their own right and also as a coupling, take on supporting roles in the Heart of Greed. In the large Tong family ensemble, these two with their great chemistry, make up a subplot to the series. While both shining in their respective roles as the hard-headed, stubborn individuals who love each other deeply, it is obvious that you all just couldn't get enough of Gilbert and Jackie and the sizzling chemistry that Bosco and Tavia depicted on screen. Whether they were fighting or being loving, you can't deny that you did want more of their scenes together, be it angsty or sweet.

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Joint 1st Runner-up: Duk Duk Dei & Sheung Joi Sum as played by Moses Chan Ho & Linda Chung Ka Yan [Heart of Greed] 9.5%

While there was certainly no shortage of the oh-so-popular characters of Duk Duk Dei and Sheung Joi Sum in Heart of Greed, very little of it save for the last episode focused on their romance. You saw heaps of Alfred and Sheung Joi Sum scenes, and heaps of scenes of Duk Duk Dei struggling to keep his family together, but what most of your actually wanted were more scenes of just them. More romance, more of them talking in that cute dialect, just more. What happened after they ran off into the near distance with that rainbow in the background? Unfortunately, we'll never find out.

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Joint 1st Runner-up: Zhan Man & Bing Yee as played by Feng Shao Feng & Myolie Wu Hung Yee [Drive of Life] 9.5%

From two colleagues who were initially at odds with one another, to slowly gaining respect for each other as professionals, and then as individuals; their relationship then progressed to being each other's support system when their previous relationships failed, to being in love and cherished life and work partners alike. The Zhan Man and Bing Yee storyline might have started out as a way to tie up the love lives of these two individuals, and served as a very minor plot to the main drama, but it indeed won the hearts of many. It was sweet and romantic, and balanced the rest of the drama out nicely. Unfortunately for us, their relationship only started, and developed, if you could even call it that, somewhere after Episode 50. What a shame; they could at least have given us a complete scene of their wedding, couldn't they?

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2nd Runner-up: The Wah Family as played by Damian Lau Chung Yan, Gigi Wong Suk Yee, Jessica Hester Hsuan & Raymond Lam Fung 5%

The only non-romantic partnership to place in this award, Damian, Gigi, Jessica and Raymond portraying the Wah Family of Man Hon, Zham Yan, Ching Yu and Chan Bong take second place. The chemistry that they channeled in their scenes with one another were a joy to watch. The father-son relationship between Man Hon and Chan Bong were flawlessly acted out, the scenes between the two veterans were subtle, and the sibling relationship that Jessica and Raymond acted out were nothing short of believable. Together as a family, they just worked, and it's no surprise that you wanted more of their scenes.

Close behind: Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming in Brink of Law, Chan Hung Lit in Best Selling Secrets

Interesting fact: This was one of the categories which was left completely up to the votes, with zero nominees. Hence, no particular voting pattern was expected, with the votes expected to be scattered and random because of the varied tastes of the votes. To my surprise, the votes came pouring in for Gilbert and Jackie in Heart of Greed, and as you can see, they took nearly 30% of the votes. There is no doubt that you really did want more of them.


This is the award that goes to your favourite cast as a whole. The individual cast members just fit together like a puzzle, a jigsaw, and you couldn't imagine anyone else fitting in that could generate the same chemistry with the others. Here are your choice ensembles.

My Favourite Ensemble Award

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Winner: Heart of Greed 43.5%

Perfectly casted, you just could not imagine an addition to the cast of this production, or a subtraction. From the goofy Duk Duk Dei by Moses Chan, to the brilliant female veterans leads of Lee Sze Kei and Susanna Kwan as the two wives, the wacky Bao Bao by Ha Yu, and all the Tong children, with Tavia Yeung's under-used Jackie and not forgetting Raymond Lam and Linda Chung's star-crossed love story of Alfred and Sheung Joi Sum; everything just simply works. You believe each and every single relationship. It's no surprise that Heart of Greed takes its place as your favourite ensemble, with almost half the votes.

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Joint 1st Runner-up: Drive of Life 13%

The grand production of the year, Drive of Life delivered some brilliant character growth. You cannot help but feel for each and every single character and laugh and live with them as they encounter stepping stones and maturity. It was spot-on casting for the characters, and the chemistry that was cooked up made for a fantastic watch in this character-driven series. The male driven cast of Damian Lau, Liu Ging Sang, Michael Miu, Raymond Lam and Feng Shao Feng were brilliant, with each one of the Wah men bringing a different trait to the family and its business. Sheren Tang, Jessica Hsuan and Charmaine Sheh shone opposite their respective male casts. Round that off with the villainous Ngais; the sinful Joe Ma and the eccentric Ng Wai Kwok; and you've got your 1st runner-up for this category.

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Joint 1st Runner-up: Fathers and Sons 13%

There is no better actor to head this family-oriented series than the formidable Bobby Au-Yeung as lead role, Man Tin Tsz, better known as TC. Serving up laughs and tears with the most adorable boy in TVB, Jacky Wong, this cast of comedy talents takes joint 1st runner-up with the polar-opposite drama of Drive of Life. Together with the hilariously housewife-ish Wong Hei in Ko Ching, the calculative and optimist of Kam Mei Chuen by Yoyo Mung, the lovable business mind of Lo Sei Hei by Tavia Yeung, and of course, not forgetting the adorable Ha Yu, fresh off the success of Heart of Greed.

Close behind: Dicey Business, Steps, The Ultimate Crime Fighter

Interesting fact: The smaller budget production of Fathers and Sons paid off, beating out the three star-studded close contenders, along with The Brink of Law. Shows that sometimes formidable chemistry within an ensemble can't be bought with money.


TVB is known for its awful endings with no closure, no satisfaction. It's famous for making you feel like you've wasted twenty days of your life following the series every weeknight. Hence, when TVB actually produces an ending worth your time and emotional investment in the series, it's a shocker, to say the very least. No commentary due to possibility of spoiling the endings for readers. Banners also possibly contain spoilers, so scroll past at your own risk!

Best Ending Award

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Winner: Steps 33.3%

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1st Runner-up: Phoenix Rising 25%

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2nd Runner-up: Drive of Life 16.7%

Close behind: War and Destiny, Heart of Greed, Life Art

Interesting fact: Usual suspects like Heart of Greed and Dicey Business are nowhere in the top three, while feel-good series Steps, warehoused outcast gem Phoenix Rising and low-ratings Drive of Life all make it there. The underrated War and Destiny and Life Art, which has one of the poorest ratings of the year also garnered votes. Definitely a surprising category.


The head of the family; these men are strong, true, just and loving. They may show their care and affection in unorthodox ways, but truth be told, they're actually huge softies inside. Father figures, whether really a dad, a big brother or just simply a "si-fu", are big icons in TVB, and here's who you thought were the best at portraying father figures throughout the year.

Best Father Figure Award

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Winner: Ha Yu as Tong Yan Kai [Heart of Greed] 27.8%

It's interesting to watch Ha Yu's Tong Yan Kai grow both as a man of the family and as a father. Before, he was a man of few worries. Laughing his days away, he enjoyed his time throroughly as husband to two and father of four; On, Yat, Foon, Yan. But, as his family crumbled and fell apart, it was pleasing to see him mature from happy-go-lucky to full-time father who would do anything to protect his children. Time and time again, he gave in to Susanna Kwan's Wong Sau Kam, or to his children, just because he couldn't bear to see discontent within the family. However, when push came to shove, he stood up, and he fought for his children and in the memory of his late wife. Everything he did, he did for his family, and that's what makes him your top father figure.

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1st Runner-up: Damian Lau Chung Yan as Wah Man Hon [Drive of Life] 19.4%

Often misunderstood, Damian Lau's Wah Man Hon, as the protagonist of the entire series was a stunning father figure. While heavily flawed and sometimes the maker of skewed decisions, there is no denying that his main objective is to protect his family; both his younger brothers, and his two children. From the get-go, he was a father figure to both of his younger brothers, always putting their well-being first; even when his brothers were both grown men. His unconditional love for his children, Ching Yu and Chan Bong, time and time again even when they both mess up is evident. While he might not show his love all the time in conventional ways, there is no denying his good intentions and his true fatherly support. Wah Man Hon is a great father to the core, and that is why he has won this award.

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2nd Runner-up: Bobby Au-Yeung Chan Wah as Man Tin Tsz [Fathers and Sons] 11.1%

TC's son, which he didn't know existed till about episode 5 or 6 of the series, has been a kid all his life; but for Bobby Au Yeung's character, Man Tin Tsz better known as TC, he has just only been thrown into the role of daddy. It is great to truly watch TC settle into the role of full-time, round-the-clock father. From being an oblivious, insensitive and non-committed bachelor, to a caring, loving, understanding father to little Jacky Wong's character, it had not been a smooth transition for him. For every progress, there was a bump he hit on the way to good parenting; however, TC was willing to learn, and learn he did. That's why he makes third place in your hearts.

Close behind: Ha Yu in Fathers and Sons, Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung in Devil's Disciples

Interesting fact: The top two fathers, collectively, garnered nearly half the number of votes for the whole category. Wayne Lai, for his father figure role in Steps and Devil's Disciples, was the only other actor to be nominated for two roles besides Ha Yu.


What would the world be without a mother's touch? A mother would give the world for her children, and this year, TVB was dominated by strong, unwavering maternal roles. Here are your favourites.

Best Mother Figure Award

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Winner: Louise Lee Sze Kei as Ling Hau [Heart of Greed] 34.4%

Nobody does mother better than the queen of all mother figure, the timeless Lee Sze Kei herself. After playing one of the most famous mother figures of all time for over a thousand episodes in A Kindred Spirit, Lee Sze Kei moves on to Heart of Greed in yet another maternal role and yet manages to distinguish her role as one of the most memorable mothers of the year, and possibly in the next few years to come. Ling Hau or affectionately known as Dai Kai, was the head of the family. Her word was the gospel, and the whole family abided by it. They loved her, respected her, coveted her. And she in returned, loved, cared and protected. Even when she was on her death bed, she still cared about her family, and to protect them, was at the top of her agenda. That shows her commitment to being a mother and a parent, and that touched you as it did many other people. Lee Sze Kei truly deserves your votes for this award.

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1st Runner-up: Michelle Yim as Ling Lei [Heart of Greed] 17.2%

After the first mother figure of Heart of Greed, we have her sister, the one that the children run to the rest of the time, and the one who tries with all her might to keep the family together after Dai Kai's death. Aunty Lei, or Lei Yee, played by Michelle Yim, is strong and resilient, yet loving and just. The family very nearly disbanded after Dai Kai's death, but it was her who stood her ground and led the four children to do the right thing. Not a selfish bone in her, she kept the business running, not hoping for anything in return. Similarly, she protects and watches over her nephews and niece like they were her own. This amazing streak of character in her is what makes her your second favourite mother figure, second to only her sister.

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2nd Runner-up: Michelle Yim as Sung Kam Chi [Brink of Law] 10.3%

In third place, we have Michelle Yim once again, but with a maternal character that is very different from Ling Lei. Sung Kam Chi is as bad as Ling Lei is good-hearted. However, that is where the differences end - both loved their children, or in Lei Yee's case, her nephews and nieces, very much. Sung Kam Chi was evil and law-breaking, but there was one person in the world whom she would let her guard down in front of and soften, and that one person was her son, Ah Long. She was immensely proud of him and loved him to death, and when he was paralysed, she was shattered. She spent long hours attending to him, and at the end, despite all her misdoings, you could see that she still loved him more than anything in the world and could have given it all up for him. In the midst of her villain role, the fact that you, the voters, could see past that facade and pinpoint the mother's love she showed, showcases Michelle's brilliant acting.

Close behind: Mannor Chan Man Na in Steps, Sheren Tang Shui Man in Drive of Life

Interesting fact: While Michelle Yim has the honour of being nominated for her two mother figures here, one other actress received that accolade - Sheren Tang for her maternal roles in The Drive of Life and The Family Link.


These are the people who make evil and conniving look like their second nature. Warped looks, slicing glances, icy words, they've mastered it down to a T. They are convincing, they do hell of a good job, and you have to admit, the series wouldn't have been such a gripping watch, if not for their presence. Despicable, detestable, and just damn good at it; here are your favourite villains of the year.

Best Villain

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Winner: Susanna Kwan Kuk Ying as Wong Sau Kam [Heart of Greed] 32.1%

Greedy, manipulative, pretentious and discontent, Susanna Kwan portrayed Wong Sau Kam brilliantly. The desire to obtain money, power within the family, and inadvertently love, overpowers all good in Wong Sau Kam and clouds all better judgment. The anger and discontent is so evident in her voice whenever she fights with another character, be it Dai Bau, Dai Kai or Lei Yee. From the very first scene of Heart of Greed, where they showed a montage of the final courtroom battle, she had many viewers hooked onto her role, so much so that she even won Favourite Female Character at this year's Anniversary Awards. She was fierce, domineering and weaved her way through her lies and deceit with ease, so much so that she was one of your most engaging villains of the year to watch.

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1st Runner-up: Michelle Yim Mai Suet as Sung Kam Chi [Brink of Law] 28.6%

As the saying goes, if looks could kill, we'd probably all be dead right now because of Michelle Yim. Famous for her motherly roles in The Academy and such ever since her comeback, the role of Sung Kam Chi in Brink of Law came as a surprise to a lot of viewers. Michelle shone in her role here, casting one icy glare after another, and played a character that was fierce, calculative, venomous, but at the same time, that was brilliant to watch. You could not help but feel for her when her eldest son, played by Stephen Wong Ka Lok, commits suicide. Here's to one of the better-developed and one of your best-played villains in 2007.

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2nd Runner-up: Louisa So Yuk Wah as Yim Pui Wu [Phoenix Rising] 17.9%

Louisa So has always been renowned as an excellent actress, but the unfortunately-warehoused Phoenix Rising brings another whole new dimension to her acting portfolio. Revengeful, cold-blooded and selfish, her Pui Wu is warped as she is intelligent. Hiding her motives under a sweet facade, she schemes and lies to get what she wants. Betraying her sisters, killing her parents, all that is not beyond her as she sets to conquer her world where it's every woman for herself. Louisa plays Pui Wu with such ease and finesse that it's no doubt that she and her character take third place for this category, and could possibly have placed higher if Phoenix Rising had aired.

Close behind: Ng Wai Kwok in Drive of Life, Shirley Yeung Sze Kei in Brink of Law

Interesting fact: Out of the seven villains which received votes in this category, only two were male - Ng Wai Kwok in Drive of Life and Michael Miu in Dicey Business. Looks like the villain department has been heavily dominated by females this year.


A Glaze-Over of TVB brings back the two crowd-favourite awards that has strangely been cut out by TVB around the same time it implemented its boring Oscar-like award ceremony. The formidable partnerships are what drives the series. Father and son relationships, brotherly love, best friends, all these non-romantic partnerships are what touch you. The love and respect involved on-screen between the characters are meaningful and touching.

The Best Non-Romantic Partnership Award

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Winner: Ha Yu & Moses Chan Ho as Dai Bao & Sai Bao [Heart of Greed] 15.8%

Ha Yu and Moses undoubtedly had one of the best father-son relationships of the year in Heart of Greed. The chemistry and the partnership was evident and consistent throughout the forty episodes; the duo were responsible for some of the series' best comedic moments. Be it playful scenes, or serious dramatic arcs, they bounced off each other fantastically well as father and son. Complete with their signature shoulder-heaving laughter and the dorky short-sleeved button-down shirts which they both seem to favour, Dai Bao and Sai Bao charmed their way into your hearts with the truly heart-warming respect and love they had for each other, whether or not they were seeing eye to eye at that point in time. It is no surprise that Ha Yu and Moses earn the Best Non-Romantic Partnership Award.

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Joint 1st Runner-up: Bobby Au-Yeung Chan Wah, Michael Miu Kiu Wai & Benz Hui Siu Hung as Chai Foon Cheung, Kiu Ching Chor and Chow Fook Wing [Dicey Business] 13.1%

A calm, confident and self-assured casino CEO who thrives on power, a jolly pot-bellied man who's had a tough life with a natural affinity for cards; a flamboyantly feminine, yet straight, right-hand man at the casino with a tendency to nag. These three personalities are like dawn, day and dusk - probably your most unlikely mix. And somehow, they make sense. The brotherhood of Ah Cho, Ah Cheung and Ah Wing give balance to the show amidst all its drama. It wasn't to last long, but while their trinity existed, it made for many good moments in the series. With every hotpot dinner they shared, every 'Honey' and 'Baby' uttered, or facing off with each another right down to the moment when Ah Wing tragically died, this partnership by Bobby, Michael and Benz forged itself into your minds and takes second place here.

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Joint 1st Runner-up: Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung & Bernice Liu Bik Yee as Lee Lik Keung & Lee Sum Ying [Steps] 13.1%

The formidable Wayne Lai shines in any roles he's given, and this one is no exception. As the hot-headed, lazy brother who has dry humour in spades and means well most of the time, Wayne is hilarious, and forms a great partnership with his 'sister' of Bernice Liu. He's strict and controlling especially when it comes to her love life, but yet is the brother who's proudest of his little sister's achievements; and he means well, he loves her. Add that to her hobby of being his cholesterol patrol, her stubbornness and strong-will, you get a pair of brother and sister that won't always get along, despite their love and respect for one another. Their scenes, whether poking fun of each other, light-hearted squabbles or down right arguments, are great to watch. Ah Keung and Sum Ying by Wayne and Bernice are your second place favourite for this category, and the only sibling relationship that placed.

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Joint 2nd Runner-up: Bobby Au Yeung Chan Wah & Jacky Wong Shu Hei as Man Tin Tsz & Jimmy Zai [Fathers and Sons] 10.5%

Having a child actor on set is never easy. Even when you're lucky enough to get a co-operative and talented young actor like Jacky Wong, sometimes chemistry might be a whole new different story. That, however, is not the case with Bobby Au Yeung and little Jacky. The pair gel very well on-screen right from the very beginning; when they were at odds with each other, and then later, when they were slowly growing on each other. Their friendship and fights felt real because they had a great partnership, second to probably only the unrivaled Wong Hei and Jenny Shing in Burning Flame II, in terms of a parent-young child relationship. The show had plentiful of adorable father and son (no pun intended) scenes between these two, which showcased the learning process of fatherhood beautifully.

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Joint 2nd Runner-up: Steven Ma Chun Wai & Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung as Cheng Ka Chun & Lee Lik Keung [Steps] 10.5%

As far as you are concerned, Wayne Lai really can do no wrong. First runner-up in this category isn't enough, and he gets a second runner-up place too; this time with Steven Ma but in the same show. It really is no doubt that he collaborates with Steven so well because it's not their first time. The pair, individually, have spot-on comedic timing by themselves. Put them together, with their understanding of each other, and you get a witty script delivered in the best way ever. Wayne and Steven shine in their quick exchange of lines, be it in funny or angry situations. Third place to them!

Close behind: Damian Lau Chung Yan, Gigi Wong Suk Yee, Jessica Hester Hsuan & Raymond Lam Fung in Drive of Life, Damian Lau Chung Yan, Liu Ging Sang & Michael Miu Kiu Wai in Drive of Life

Interesting fact: Most of the non-romantic partnerships that have been voted for are mostly made out of males entirely and are friendships. Looks like brotherhood and heng-tai has a bigger impact on you lot, more so than the chi-mui sisterly bond.


These are the pairings that fans just simply adore and love. So much so that that the pairing gets a meshing of their names to form a single word to represent their partnership. These are the partnerships you feel bring the most sizzle and chemistry to your screen, so much that you actually believed it was real.

The Best Romantic Partnership Award

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Winner: Bosco Wong Chung Chak & Tavia Yeung Yi as Cheung Loi Fu & Tam Chu Mei [Dicey Business]; and as Gilbert Tong Chi Yat & Jackie Cheuk Man Lei [Heart of Greed] 20.9%

Bosco and Tavia, aptly titled BoTa by their devoted fans, undoubted had one of the best chemistries on-screen in the year 2007. What makes it even more endearing is that this pairing already have a great friendship behind the camera lens, thus enabling them to bring their sparks to a greater level on the other side of the lens. Taking on two such different personalities in such a short period of time must be challenging for the actor themselves, but to make the same partnership work in a different environment sounds even tougher. Bosco and Tavia said it themselves, the two relationships are completely different. With a naive yet reformed guy and a ditz in Dicey Business, and then to two completely stubborn and hot-headed individuals in Heart of Greed, both their love stories are memorable despite that they got minimal screentime in the latter. Their chemistry was still evident; they would not be the focus during the family scenes, but you could still see the simple things like an arm slung over the other's shoulder or sweet forehead kisses. That made it all the more real. Without a doubt, your top romantic pairing of the year.

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1st Runner-up: Steven Ma Chun Wai & Bernice Liu Bik Yee as Tong Chi Ko & Chui Wing [Brink of Law]; and as Cheng Ka Chun & Lee Sum Ying [Steps] 18.6%

Brink of Law had Steven and Bernice as two mature adults who were childhood sweethearts, one a lawyer, another an undercover cop, both striving for justice and good. Steps on the other hand, had them both as playful personalities who started off like cat and dog. Steven and Bernice look so physically compatible in their professional get-up that half the job was already done in Brink of Law. Couple that with Bernice's secret as an undercover cop, which made way for their break-up, some good angsty scenes which showed their chemistry ensued. Second time around, their chemistry shone even brighter. Their love-hate relationship stood out even better, and their chemistry was in top-form. Sparks flew as they called each other 'uncle' and 'auntie' and as danced their way through ups and downs. They worked off each other very well and found comfort in the partnership which made for fantastically cute scenes and dreamy dance sequences. Yet another fan favourite of the year, Steven and Bernice take second place in this category for their collaboration.

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2nd Runner-up: Moses Chan Ho & Linda Chung Ka Yan as Duk Duk Dei & Sheung Joi Sum [Heart of Greed] 9.3%

Heart of Greed was undoubtedly a topsy-turvy series. Family ties bonded and broke, relationships grew and wilted, but there was one constant throughout it all; the support and friendship and love - although not romantic love all the way through - between Moses' Duk Duk Dei and Linda's Sheung Joi Sum. There was no one that Duk Duk Dei was not willing to help, but it was obvious that he went more than out of his way for Sheung Joi Sum, making him all the more endearing. His undying and unconditional love and friendship for Sheung Joi Sum finally prevailed and she finally managed to put Raymond Lam's Alfred away in a small safe place in her heart and opened the rest of it to let Duk Duk Dei in. Without a doubt, many were rooting for this couple to finally make it, and that is just why they placed in this category.

Close behind: Bobby Au Yeung Chan Wah & Yoyo Mung Ka Wai in Fathers and Sons, Michael Miu Kiu Wai & Sheren Tang Shui Man in Drive of Life, Raymond Lam Fung & Charmaine Sheh Sze Man in Drive of Life, Raymond Lam Fung & Myolie Wu Hung Yee in Drive of Life

Interesting fact: Raymond Lam has the highest number of total votes, spread out between his partnerships with three different co-stars: Charmaine Sheh and Myolie Wu in Drive of Life and Linda Chung in Heart of Greed. I suppose that means he generates great chemistry with whichever female co-star he works with. Good on him.


TVB has undoubtedly grown more and more daring as time goes by with its kissing scenes. Once limited to just a quick peck of lips, this declaration of love is now documented in more detail. Passion, romance and lust are all now shown too. Here are your favourites of the year.

Best Kiss Award

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Winner: Bosco Wong Chung Chak & Tavia Yeung Yi as Gilbert Tong Chi Yat & Jackie Cheuk Man Lei [Heart of Greed] 30%

It's this kiss that stood-out for many. The brilliant partnership of Bosco and Tavia had chemistry in spades, and this kiss sealed the deal for their partnership. The scene built up to the kiss well; it was a very poignant scene in their relationship. They were at the point where they both knew it was wrong, but yet couldn't let go. Kudos to the both of them for playing something so wrong, and yet making it feel so right to the viewers at home. The way Gilbert called Jackie back that made her stop straight in her tracks and turn around - it was all the delicious angst that had been cooped up between both their characters that made for such a strong and memorable passionate kiss.

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1st Runner-up: Steven Ma Chun Wai & Bernice Liu Bik Yee as Cheng Ka Chun & Lee Sum Ying [Steps] 25%

This amazingly romantic scene, which will probably go down in history as one of 2007's most romantic kissing scenes, took second place for this award. Steven Ma plays Ah Chun, who has been resisting the attraction he has been feeling for Bernice Liu's Sum Ying for quite some time now but slowly feels himself succumbing to her easygoing charms. The dance sequence which they share pre-kiss is symbolic as it shows him hesitating at first before slowly growing more confident in his steps, very much so like Ah Chun's slowly dissolving charms. Together with the appropriate subsong of Fireflies by Noella Choi and the dim yet romantic lighting, Steven and Bernice finish off the scene with a very simple yet sweet and romantic kiss. [On a sidenote, the part where Steven goes home after that, all giddy with love makes the kiss even more sweeter - it had *that* big an impact on him]

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2nd Runner-up: Raymond Lam Fung & Charmaine Sheh Sze Man as Wah Zhan Bong & Wing Sau Fung [Drive of Life] 15%

Raymond Lam's Zhan Bong and Charmaine Sheh's Sau Fung were different as night and day. While Zhan Bong was idealistic and rash, Sau Fung was realistic and calculated, however, both had strong personalities. As a result, both clashed and were at loggerheads with one another. Zhan Bong playfully went after Sau Fung again and again, until this one night where the pair shared this very pivotal kiss in their story. Although it was for business benefit, because he cheekily promised her he would release as many units with as many pecks she gave him, it did make for a very memorable kissing scene due to the setting. The editing, the different camera angles and the fantastic theme by Raymond playing in the background made the scene one of your favourite kissing scenes. Ending with a real, sweet kiss unlike the earlier ones, huddled under his jacket from the rain, this scene comes in third.

Close behind: Raymond Lam Fung & Linda Chung Ka Yan as Alfred Ching Leung & Sheung Joi Sum [Heart of Greed]

Interesting fact: The popular pairing of Bosco and Tavia garnered the most votes, not only for this kiss, but also collectively for their other many kisses in Dicey Business and Heart of Greed.


There are the characters that you live with for many episodes and that you just want to continue living with after that. They've made such a big impression on you that you know their name, their history, their hobbies; you root for them, have faith in them, want the best for them. Not only is this attributed to the good writing of the character and script, more than not it is because of the actor and actress' good portrayal. Here are your favourite characters of the year, both female and male.

Most Favourite Female Character

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Winner: Tavia Yeung Yi as Tam Chu Mei [Dicey Business] 12%

Tam Chu Mei, or Mimi as she is sometimes called, is one of the most likable female characters of the year. The Asian equivalent to a dumb blonde, Ah Mei is superficial, ditzy and greedy; she dreams of a busty figure, designer handbags, and rich men. However, you can't help but falling in love with her idealistic character, even more so when she really falls for Bosco's Ah Fu, who has had a crush on her from the minute he laid eyes on her. You feel for her when she is ridiculed by her fellow colleagues, when she is dumped at the altar, and you root for her, when she holds her head up high and vows to raise her baby herself. Tavia shows the maturity beautifully and subtly, making us fall in love with her character. Even though Dicey Business was one of the very first shows in the qualification period for these awards and does not have the upper hand as compared to some of the fresher shows that have just aired, it is obvious that Ah Mei has made such a strong impression on viewer's hearts by winning this award.

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1st Runner-up: Bernice Liu Bik Yee as Lee Sum Ying [Steps] 10%

Vivacious, talented and equipped with a heart larger than an ocean, Lee Sum Ying won the hearts of many as they lived with her for twenty episodes in Steps. Her ambition and her drive, as well as her immense adoration of the art of dance makes her one of the more memorable female characters in 2007. While free-spirited and strong-willed, she is also a homebody who could not do without her brother in Wayne Lai's Lee Lik Keung, and is a passionate dreamer who dares to love, shown as she instigates her relationship with Ah Chun by Steven Ma and also confidently pursues the idea of marriage with him. Bernice brings life to this lively character with her infectious personality and dance routines filled with grace and eloquence; it is really no surprise that she is amongst your favourites for this category.

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Joint 2nd Runner-up: Gigi Lai Chi as Wong Jing Ying [The Ultimate Crime Fighter] 8%

Actresses who 'ugly' themselves up always get the audiences attention - case in point: Angela Tong's Lee Siu Ho in Life Made Simple a few years back or America Ferrerra in Ugly Betty. Gigi's affectionately nicknamed Jing Jing is by no means as ugly as the two characters above but possibly twice as endearing. What she lacks for in aesthetic beauty, she makes up for more than necessary in heart and in character. Her character is adorable, heart-warming and possibly a universal favourite, especially to the dashing men played by Moses Chan and Kevin Cheng. The beauty of Jing Jing is that you don't have to be a fan of Gigi to like her, and that is probably why she steals third place in this category.

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Joint 2nd Runner-up: Myolie Wu Hung Yee as Fong Bing Yee [Drive of Life] 8%

Hardworking, filial, strong-willed and patient, Fong Bing Yee might not have been a major player in the Drive of Life, but she certainly was a character that the series could not have done without. Without her support and concern, Raymond's Zhan Bong would not have gotten his life back on track. Without her management skills and organised work ethics, the car factory would not have ran as smoothly as it did. Her conscientiousness and her earnest, self-sacrilous persona, makes her a character that everyone loves. Not only would Bing Yee qualify for the Secretary of the Year Award, she also gets your 2nd runner-up prize as Favourite Female Character.

Close behind: Tavia Yeung Yi as Jackie Cheuk Man Lei [Heart of Greed], Bernice Liu Bik Yee as Chui Wing [Brink of Law]

Interesting fact: The highest number of characters portrayed by a single actress which got votes per actress is three - Bernice and Tavia. Besides the ones above, Bernice also received votes for Bat Tong Ji Lung in Devil's Disciples, while Tavia also received votes for her Lo Sei Hei in Fathers and Sons. Also, the equivalent TVB Anniversary Award was won by Susanna Kwan, who portrayed a villain in Heart of Greed. Here, no female villain obtained any votes for My Favourite Female Character; the closest was Sharon Chan as Mok Man in Devil's Disciples, for her semi-villianous role.


Most Favourite Male Character

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Winner: Moses Chan Ho as Tong Chi On/"Duk Duk Dei" [Heart of Greed] 22.4%

Duk Duk Dei is amiable, caring, responsible and an oh-so-lovable man. Besides striving to do the right thing, he is superman- being a fantastic son, brother and best friend all rolled into one. He assumes the head of the family role with difficulty, but yet, never once complains. The thought of giving up is not allowed to see the light of day with him. Optimistic, loyal and virtuous, he is willing to sacrifice himself for the bond of the family. With any other actor, Duk Duk Dei might have been a mere caricature, a cartoon character, but Moses breathes life into what is without a doubt the most memorable character of the year, and your favourite male character too.

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1st Runner-up: Bosco Wong Chung Chak as Cheong Loi Fu [Dicey Business] 14.3%

Through the topsy-turvy thirty episodes of Dicey Business, each character undergoes transformation; but, it is Bosco's Ah Fu that experiences the biggest evolution. From a recluse with horrible greasy hair with a scarred childhood, to the lovable silly and goofy card dealer who simply adores cards, to the success-loving disciple of Michael Miu's casino CEO, Kiu Ching Cho, and finally, a mature man who sees the wrongs of his actions, Bosco goes through each transition with ease and affinity, making Cheong Loi Fu your 2nd place winner for this category.

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Joint 2nd Runner-up: Raymond Lam Fung as Wah Zhan Bong [Drive of Life] 10.2%

Zhan Bong starts out to be your typical rich man's son. Playful, witty, ambitious, rash and stubborn in the beginning, but matures out to be more analytical, intelligent, and less rash and hot-headed. Raymond acts out this vital character perfectly, while adding another dimension to him as the man who is dares to love and strongly devoted to his co-star's character, Charmaine Sheh's Wing Sau Fung. Wah Zhan Bong is just the right mix of charm, strength and growth, and that is why he is on your list of favourite male characters.

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Joint 2nd Runner-up: Steven Ma Chun Wai as Cheng Ka Chun [Steps] 10.2%

Steven shines in serious, righteous roles like his lead role in Safe Guards which he triumphed with in this same category at the TVB Anniversary Awards last year. This year, he once again takes some of the spotlight, albeit with a very different character, but nonetheless just as popular with the fans. In Steps, he showcases his penchant for comedy as Ah Chun, the ambitious and innovative self-sworn bachelor. That is, until he meets his match in Bernice's Sum Ying. His character is plucky, intelligent and filial, and Steven fills the mould his character requires, and fills it very well indeed.

Close behind: Bobby Au Yeung Chan Wah as Chai Foon Cheung [Dicey Business], Ha Yu as Tong Yan Kai [Heart of Greed]

Interesting fact: Even little Jacky Wong Shu Hei received votes for Jimmy in Fathers and Sons for this category. If he's garnering votes now, imagine what he could do if he continues to act for TVB and remains as cute as he is now. Heartthrob, anyone?


TVB certainly has no shortage of new, up-and-coming young artistes. But yet, how many of them can act? And more importantly, how many of those who put in the effort and the hard work to realise their full potential as an actor to constantly improve? This category is for the actor and the actress who have progressed the most in this year, fulfilled their potential the best when compared to other peers with the same experience level. Usually an award that results in much controversy at the Anniversary Awards, let's see if the same occurs here.

Most Improved Actress

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Winner: Bernice Liu Bik Yee for Brink of Law, The Slicing of the Demon, Devil's Disciples & Steps 52%

From the very moment she appeared on-screen as "Princess" in the long-running and fan-favourite Virtues of Harmony, there's was no denying that Bernice was a natural in front of a camera. While she might not be the best actress of her time, she more than makes up for it and delivers her lines with spades of charisma and exuberance. Although she hasn't improved as quickly as some of her counterparts, 2007 was her year. Four of her series were shown to audiences this year; all of which she portrayed completely different personalities. A analytical undercover policewoman, a bratty and spoilt, yet underlyingly kind rich man's daughter, a sword-wielding, righteous kung-fu "big sister" and a vibrant and charming dance aficionado, all of which improvement and characterisation could be seen in as compared to her early days in both Virtues of Harmonys and Healing Hands III. That, and her constant hard-work to improve her speech and dispose of her Canadian accent, make her your Most Improved Actress of the year with more than half of the votes.

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1st Runner-up: Leila Tong Ling for Ten Brothers, War and Destiny & The Family Link 24%

Child actress Leila Tong is a natural in front of the camera, and not many people would dare to disagree. She commands attention and captures your eye in scenes, despite her youthful and fresh looks. Having a resume with a myriad of characters, all of which she has played and established wonderfully to the extent that none are forgettable, she awes once again with her characters in 2007. Minimal screen-time in Ten Brothers was a shame, but she still impressed with her pleasant supporting character. Then, in The Family Link, Leila balanced out the cast nicely with her young look, but held her acting game against the many veterans well. But, it was in the gem of War and Destiny where she undoubtedly shone. Her portrayal of Yuet Fung was splendid, a performance you don't get from any other of the young actresses. Leila gave her layers of complexity, pain and internal struggle in her subtle performance. Without a doubt, Leila just keeps on getting better and better as time goes by. If not for TVB side-stepping Leila, she would have had a sackful of opportunities by now, and us, the audience would have more of her to see. Thankfully, this is one poll where the viewers have their say, so for sure, she places in this category.

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2nd Runner-up: Fala Chen Fat Lai for Heart of Greed, The Family Link & Steps 12%

Fala is very much a newbie, as new as newbies can get. However, with all credit to her, she fares much better than all the other young fledging actresses. With a natural flair for the camera, she is not unlikable on screen, and manages adequate chemistry with her on-screen partners. Playing a young college-bound teen who has to grow up faster than necessary in Heart of Greed was great exposure for her. Getting due recognition for starring in the biggest drama of the year cast the media spotlight on her for her next two roles, and she didn't disappoint. Her seductress role in Family Link and her bratty, envious, begin-with-b-rhyming-with-itch character in dance series Steps showed progressive improvement. While the improvement might not be as wow-some as TVB paints it to be, she is undoubtedly on the right track, and gets third place here.

Close behind: Selena Li Sze Wan for A Change of Destiny

Interesting fact: TVB's eventual winner for this category, Kate Tsui Tsz San, was nowhere near the leading runners in this category.


Most Improved Actor

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Winner: Chris Lai Lok Yi in Glittering Days, Ten Brothers, Heart of Greed, The Green Grass of Home & Fathers and Sons 56%

Chris Lai is one of the six Olympic stars who is sadly the least-promoted. Starting out with headlining the very young Hearts of Fencing, Chris has moved on to supporting actor status, none of which were very big meaty roles. However, as small as the roles were, there was improvement shown as compared to his previous roles in Safe Guards, Land of Wealth and most definitely Hearts of Fencing. He was perfect as Tong Chi Foon in Heart of Greed and showed a larger portfolio of maturity in his acting than before for Foon Chai. He did well opposite such a highly-rated cast, especially Susanna Kwan. He also pulled it off in Fathers and Sons in a very different role from his past ones, as rich playboy Ben Chai. With five series under his belt for the year 2007, it should have been the year of the Chris. To you voters, it was, and that is why he sweeps away the Most Improved Actor. Chris is in dire need of a bigger role as his breakthrough performance as all previous TVB winners of his award have had bigger and better roles than he has had this year. Hopefully for him 2008 will be the year of the Chris as well.

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1st Runner-up: Stephen Wong Ka Lok in Brink of Law, Best Bet & Steps 24%

There was no denying that Stephen was wooden in Love Bond; he was pleasant to watch, and you could tell that he had tried very hard, but he was just wooden. Thankfully, he has really come along since then and worked hard to up his A-game. He did adequately as the eldest son of the Tung family, who was filial, confident and intelligent, who then had his whole world turned upside down when he met with an accident and was bedridden and disabled for the rest of the series. A role like that is not easy to play, and it was obvious Stephen had improved through the way he emoted through his eyes and facial expressions alone. He also entertained in Steps as the righteous, conservative and shy Yau Sheung Dak and won not only Kate Tsui's Sze Man over, but the viewers as well as he comes in second in this category.

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2nd Runner-up: Matthew Ko Kwan Yin in Steps & The Ultimate Crime Fighter 12%

This ex-Mr. Hong Kong seems to be going places in terms of new roles and also in terms of your favourites amongst fans and amongst TVB execs. His roles this year, a step up from his self-titled character in To Grow With Love last year, show improvement, and he is your second runner-up for this category. Might he move up in terms of placing next year, continue to improve, and perhaps snag the coveted TVB Most Improved Male Award for himself at next year's anniversary? Only time will tell; stay tuned!

Close behind: Jack Wu Lok Yin in Phoenix Rising

Interesting fact: Even worse than Kate Tsui, who at least got one or two votes, Amigo Chui Kin Bong, eventual TVB winner for this award, didn't get a single vote. Telling, much? Granted, they came to their defense saying that it was Most Improved Male Artiste and not Actor, but if that's the case, there really is no reason why they can't have two categories - one for most improved male in series, and one in hosting. Excuses, TVB, excuses.


To act in a secondary or subordinate role is never easy. The focus is not on you, but yet you are still expected to come up with nothing less than extraordinary to support the main characters and the main plot. Not easy to do when you have minimal screen-time, but the following characters have still managed to win your hearts.

Best Supporting Actress

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Winner: Tavia Yeung Yi as Jackie Cheuk Man Lei [Heart of Greed] 31.4%

As the rebellious and hard-headed Jackie, Tavia put forth a splendid performance portraying the married woman that no parent wants their son to be involved with. Starting out as immature, fiery and stubborn, Tavia manages to give Jackie a subtle and believable growth into a family-oriented, loyal and mature wife and mother-to-be. From the softer deliverance of her lines to more mellow body language, Tavia showcases Jackie's personal growth throughout the forty episode long drama. Jackie is by no means a perfect character, she is as flawed as flawed comes, but Tavia embraces that very fact and gives the character realistic layers and dimensions and allows the audiences glimpses at what lies beneath her stubborn shell. For such a sinful and imperfect character, Tavia makes Jackie likeable in such as way that the audience can relate to her. Coupled with her beautiful crying and emoting skills, she delivers what could possibly be one of her strongest performances to date. While appearing only in a supporting role, Tavia's acting is up there and could be said as leading lady material. Rightly so, her performance has not gone unrecognised, and she is your Best Supporting Actress.

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1st Runner-up: Leila Tong Ling as Shu Siu Man [Family Link] 20%

Siu Man is a free-spirit; daring, ambitious, driven and fiercely loyal to her deceased friend whom she seeks revenge for. Coupled with her strong desire for the truth, she is not being one to back down from a challenge. Siu Man is by no means a likeable character, she is loud, rash, strongly independent and does not have a good relationship with her immediate family. However, it seems like everything the talented Leila touches turns to gold. From being unlikeable at the beginning, Leila gives a measured and highly commendable character performance that sees Siu Man grow and mature into an understanding, more patient individual who doesn't jump to conclusions so easily who even gets along with the si-lais she set out so strongly to hate. Siu Man's lack of filter from brain to mouth, resulting in her always saying whatever that's on her mind leads to her being strangely endearing with time, and this can only be attributed to Leila's likeability factor and her talent in such a portrayal. She's a natural in front of the camera, and nails this role right on the head. Shamefully, she hasn't gotten more promotion from TVB because she can sure act circles round some of the newbie beauty queen "actresses". However, she does have support where it matters most, and that is why she is your runner-up for this Best Supporting Actress category.

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2nd Runner-up: Fala Chen Fat Lai as Carmen Cheng Ka Man [Steps] 14.3%

Cheng Ka Man, while a talented dancer, is stubborn, obstinate and revengeful, easily tided over by waves of jealousy. She despises Bernice Liu's Lee Sum Ying for being a better dancer and when her mother takes her under her wing as a protege, stoops to lowly levels to hinder her progress. Fala gave an adequate portrayal of Carmen, enough so that Carmen became more than just a single dimensional cardboard witch. She was entertaining as a semi-villain and worked well with Steven Ma and Mannor Chan and contrasted well with Bernice's building of Sum Ying's character. She gave Carmen an air of youth and dismissal, enough so that the envy and the rash actions could be put down to her being young, immature and stupid. A better actress might have given the role of Carmen Cheng more depth, but for a first try at such a non-angelic character, Fala does all that she is expected of and does it pretty well. In the award that she won for TVB, she comes in third here and will undoubtedly be a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming year.

Close behind: Claire Yiu Ka Lei in Steps, Florence Kwok Siu Wan in On the First Beat

Interesting fact: Surprisingly, this category was dominated by the younger generation, Florence Kwok was as veteran as they come amongst those who were in contending. Poor Mary Hon and Maggie Siu.


Best Supporting Actor

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Winner: Benz Hui Siu Hung [Dicey Business] 29.7%

Benz Hui is a universal fan favourite, loved by old and young alike. Even more so, when he has such a great character like Chow Fook Wing to play; an affectionate, helpful and adorably camp-ish friend with a penchant for hot-pot and a tendency to nag. Chow Fook Wing was a simple man, all he needed were his two best friends and for their friendship to stay tested and true, and hot pot. You could see the happiness in his eyes when the three of them spend good times together. Likewise, you could see the hurt in his eyes when Ah Cho and Ah Cheung had fallen out. From the second he appeared on-screen, to the very moment in which he sadly left, Benz played Ah Wing to the best of his capabilities. Benz gave a stunning performance as his fully lovable, earnest character and will for sure continue to give many great performances as other supporting characters to come. Dicey Business would not be what it was without his character and the comic relief and heart he brings. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like he will be given due recognition anytime soon; however, you, the viewers have decided it was time to do something about that and have awarded him the Best Supporting Actor in these awards.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
1st Runner-up: Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung [Steps] 21.6%

As a stroke of bad timing would have had it, Louis Yuen's winning character as the greedy and qualm-less Uncle Bor in Heart of Greed was initially intended for Wayne. Nevertheless, Wayne churned out yet another award-worthy performance in the surprise package of Steps. It is common knowledge that had he been nominated at this year's anniversary awards in the Best Actor category instead of the Best Supporting category, he might have won. A long-time recognised and fan-favourite supporting actor amongst fans, Wayne was an instant hit as the lazy, loudmouth, lumberly yet instantly likeable brother figure and full-time devotee to his colleague, Yau Lum Lum, in dancing drama Steps. Wayne gave his Lee Lik Keung his own unpolished blend of wit and charm. He was endearing as the protective brother and thigh-slappingly hilarious with his character's ever-dry, ever-ready and ever-sharp tongue-in-cheek humour, largely due to his unrivaled knack for comedic precision. For those reasons and so many more, he has won your support if he hasn't already, and is your runner-up in this category.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
2nd Runner-up: Bosco Wong Chung Chak [Heart of Greed] 13.5%

Obviously, Bosco is no competition when compared to his two formidable opponents in first and second place. However, he more than holds his own against all the other veterans in the nominee list to cruise in at third place. Many cited his role as wooden in Heart of Greed, but obviously not all of you, or else he wouldn't have placed this well. He is effective as the rich man's son, often irrational, fiery and stubborn. The anger he displays is adequately channeled through the tone of his voice and his body language. Unsurprisingly, it is in scenes opposite Tavia in which he shines the most - the shouting matches and fights between the both were believable, and the painful scenes towards the end where he pretended to side with Susanna Kwan's Wong Sau Kam were nicely done. You came, you saw, and you voted for Bosco to come in at third place in this category.

Close behind: Ng Wai Kwok in Drive of Life

Interesting fact: The complete opposite of the Supporting Actress category, the Supporting Actor category is wholly dominated by the experienced, with the exception of Bosco Wong, who is the youngest. Other veterans like Bryan Leung in The Ultimate Crime Fighter, Louis Yuen in Heart of Greed and Derek Kwok for Family Link also got votes.


Like a diamond, she is perfect, sparkling and captivating on-screen. As pretty as a diamond is, it is also tough, and your Best Actresses are strong, talented and formidable artistes in their own right. Here are your very own Best Actresses of the year 2007.

Best Actress

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Winner: Michelle Yim Mai Suet [Brink of Law] 16.3%

In person, Michelle Yim is eloquent, kind and exudes womanly confidence and beauty. In Brink of Law, however, she plays someone so far removed from who she is. Sung Kam Chi, her character in the Brink of Law, is a leopard in a deer's costume. On the outside, she is docile - a nice, elegant rich man's wife in high society, a doting mother, and a society symbol. Behind the facade, however, she is evil, conniving, quick and cruel. Michelle shows that she's still got what it takes when she tackles the dual role with the talent we all know she's possessed for years and does it with so much brilliance. The cunning side of her character was played with a hint of calm detachment from humanity; she was impassive in ordering attacks on people and arranging killings. Every glare Sung Kam Chi shot was equivalent to daggers. Yet beneath that, Michelle also injected a tinge of womanly jealousy beneath the strong exterior that came from Bernice Liu's Ah Wing seducing her husband, that ultimately led to her downfall. Equally as impressive was her soft portrayal of a mother's love and how that drove her to her deserved end. Brink of Law was by no means very impressive, but it is more than worth it for the jewel that is Michelle Yim. For that, she is your Best Actress and very rightly so.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
1st Runner-up: Tavia Yeung Yi [Dicey Business] 12.2%

takes on what could be the most interesting and lovable character in her career to date. Flirty, frivolous, flighty, fun-loving and free-spirited, Tam Chu Mei or Mimi wins the heart of viewers [She also won your Favourite Female Character above] and that can only be attributed to her fantastic acting. Tavia took on the role with great gusto and challenged herself with such a ditzy character. There was maturity in her acting as she fleshed out her character wholly, right from her body language to her speech. Having always dreamt of a fuller figure, Ah Mei walks with her chest out and speaks with a lisp, which Tavia specially added for her character in order to create an imperfection that cannot be corrected surgically unlike her small chest which she deems non-perfect. Furthermore, Tavia has improved so much with her crying scenes and that much is obvious when Ah Mei cries. From her wailing scenes with mascara running down her cheeks, to the scenes where tears are silently rolling down her face, you can't help but feel her emotion and feel for her. Ah Mei might not be the brightest bulb around, but Tavia makes her brightens up Dicey Business with her acting; exactly why she is your second place for the Best Actress category.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Joint 2nd Runner-up: Louise Lee Sze Kei [Heart of Greed] 10.2%

Lee Sze Kei, also widely known within the HK entertainment scene as Sze Kei Jie, returns to TVB after such a long hiatus and does it with a big bang. It is widely said that the father is the head of the family, but think about it; if the father is the head, then the mother is the neck. The father is the head of the family, but the neck can turn the head any way she wishes. That is the exact same case in Heart of Greed. Sze Kei Jie's Ling Hao is in actual fact, the leader of the family. When she says yes, it is rare that people say no. They don't dare to. Sze Kei Jie plays Ah Hao with such authority. She carries this character with firm grace, with thoughtful wisdom. She is stern, but loves. The balance is never easy to strike, whether off-screen or on-screen, but Sze Kei Jie does it with ease in Heart of Greed. If you watch her emotional scenes closely, you'll find that she doesn't need to speak, her eyes already speak volumes about how she's feeling. The eventual winner of this TVB Anniversary Award, Sze Kei Jie polls in at third place here.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Joint 2nd Runner-up: Sheren Tang Shui Man [Drive of Life] 10.2%

One of the characters that has undoubtedly experienced the biggest growth throughout the span of a series in the past year has got to be Sheren's Wong Siu Fun in The Drive of Life. The progressive growth and maturity portrayed by Sheren was excellent as she made the audiences feel like they were right there with Siu Fun, growing from an immature, rich wife who needed the finer things in life surrounding her and who was highly dependant on men; to a full-fledged compassionate, independent woman, earning her own living, who was learning to trust and love again. One of those actresses who are not satisfied with just merely theoretically acting by the book, she wholly immerses herself into those roles. Siu Fun is a woman with many human layers and a rich past, and if played by a lesser actress, would have come off as a one-dimensional brat. Together with her startlingly top-notch emoting, she makes this character come to life. Despite being robbed of the Best Actress Award from TVB countless times, you still obviously love her and she comes in third with your vote.

Close behind: Jessica Hester Hsuan in Dicey Business, Bernice Liu Bik Yee in Steps
Interesting fact: First and second place winners, Michelle Yim for Brink of Law and Tavia Yeung for Dicey Business, were not even in the final five nominations for in the TVB Anniversary Awards for this category, while eventual winner Lee Sze Kei only came in third.


Every year, there is that one man who captures your heart. He is captivating on-screen and possesses charisma that no one other has. Talented, inspiring, together with passion for what he does, he is your Best Actor of the year.

Best Actor

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Winner: Moses Chan Ho [Heart of Greed] 27.3%

For the majority of Hong Kong TV audiences, there is no more worthy winner for Best Actor than Moses Chan. This award was a long time coming, Moses is one of the better actors in TVB, and it was going to be his time sooner or later. With a role like Duk Duk Dei in a series like Heart of Greed, it was no time like the other. Whether you enjoyed Heart of Greed or not, odds are that Moses' acting won you over. He played a character that you would either love or hate. Most loved him. Moses connected with the viewers so much so that he made you laugh and cry and hope and root for him all at the same time with his powerful and enthralling acting. He was tight-slappingly hilarious in his funny moments and the trademark gestures he developed for Duk Duk Dei. His crying scenes were done silently, but yet they were just as strong, leaving us with a touched heart. Devoted, gentlemanly, loyal and filial, it was evident that Duk Duk Dei was a character in which Moses poured his heart and soul into creating and developing. He was the character; he gave the character growth and gradual maturity. No one could have carved a better Duk Duk Dei than Moses had and it is in here that his fine acting is finally recognised. Kudos to Moses, for not only is he TVB's Best Actor of the year, but he is also Best Actor amongst the people that matter - the fans.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
1st Runner-up: Raymond Lam Fung [The Drive of Life] 15.9%

If his roles in A Taste of Love, Golden Faith, Food for Life and the TVB 2006 Best Series La Femme Desperado are anything to go by, it is no secret that Raymond Lam can play a sometimes rash, very idealistic, ambitious yet stubborn young boy, and play him very well indeed too. However, it is with his Wah Zhan Bong in The Drive of Life in which he showcases how much his acting has matured over the years. In the beginning of the series, Zhan Bong is a boy who is in a life transition to becoming a man. Immature, at times inconsiderate, impulsive and very playful, Raymond showcased the journey from spoilt rich man's only son to adulthood for Zhan Bong, slowly becoming a strong-willed, mature, thinking adult while keeping his sense of charisma, courage, loyalty and ferocious ambition with him all the way. He fleshed out his character from the start till the very ending, and the result was nothing less than impressive. His crying scenes are most definitely up to par, and he shines exceptionally on screen, even more so opposite the fantastic Damian Lau. With a fanbase that grows every day, its no surprise that he comes in second here.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
2nd Runner-up: Bobby Au Yeung Chan Wah [Dicey Business] 11.4%

Being the first ever TVB artiste to make it into the top five nominations in the International Emmy Awards, it is high-time that the rest of the entertainment arena in the world recognize the one and only Bobby Au Yeung. Forever known as the the comic king of TVB and the well-known ratings guarantor, Bobby steps it up a notch in Dicey Business where he puts forth what could possibly be his best ever performance with in such a dramatic role. It's no secret that Bobby is the Robin Williams of the East. However, Dicey Business and his well-played character, Chai Foon Cheung, proves that he is a legitimate serious actor on top of being a comic genius and to critic acclaim at that. On the surface, he is the happy-go-lucky casino "bad-luck charm", living every day as it comes. However, there is so much more to Ah Cheung than that, and Bobby brings that to life. Behind that front, Bobby allows the viewers inspired glimpses of his past, his regret, and the fire that is still somewhat ignited in him. The regret and the sadness were so evident in his eyes and his expressions. He shows us the changes in his character as that flame within becomes bigger and bigger with the changes in life - as he finds his brother, as his friendships fall apart, as he falls in love. He picks himself up, gains in self-esteem, rekindles his keen eye for poker and once again, it is in his eyes that you truly see the fire and the determination. Consequently, there were also impressive, realistic crying scenes that caught us pleasantly by surprise, and his perfect chemistry with every single member of the cast. No longer will Bobby be only known as the comic king from now on, but for so much more.

Close behind: Ha Yu in Heart of Greed, Steven Ma Chun Wai in Steps

Interesting fact: Interestingly enough, all three actors received accolades for their superb acting this year too - At the recent Anniversary Awards, Moses won the Best Actor award, Raymond won the Favourite Mainland Actor while Bobby because the first ever TVB actor to make the final five in the International Emmy Awards for Best Actor. Wow. Just, wow. Looks like everyone's in unison for once.


The biggest award of the year - this one definitely needs no introduction.

Best Series

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Winner: Heart of Greed

Is it any surprise that this family drama came in first place in this category? Some deemed it the best series to ever come out from TVB in years, while others tagged it simply overrated, there’s no denying that Heart of Greed was certainly a power to be beckoned with. This forty-episode long series boasted some of the best-written lines, power squabbles, chemistry and casting in some time. The angst and tragedy was captivating, the joy and laughter memorable. There was star power, undeniable talent, amazing partnerships and most of all, there was heart. It made you laugh, it made you cry, but most of all it made you remember it. Most definitely, top-notch entertainment with real meaning.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
1st Runner-up: Steps

Feel-good, toe-tappingly fun and easy watching, dancing drama Steps danced right into your hearts when it premiered, all the way till it ended. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it dazzled with quick and nimble dance moves, and graceful and sweeping routines. Coupled with gorgeous costumes and dancing shots, the cute love-hate relationship between Steven Ma and Bernice Liu, and characters you just couldn’t help rooting for; Steps might not have gotten the highest ratings of the year and its cast might not be the strongest, but it certainly was one of your favourites.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Joint 2nd Runner-up: Dicey Business

Action-packed, thrill-filled, and suspenseful, Dicey Business surely does pack a mean competitive punch. Boasting of a well-rounded, well-liked cast, this series won viewers over with its vivid and fascinating casino scenes and poker competitions, and its spin on relationships and how they change. The well-written characters, friendships and relationships alike touched audiences and left tremendous impressions; hence, exactly why it is your joint third place winner for the Best Series category.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Joint 2nd Runner-up: Drive of Life

This star-studded collaboration between TVB and CCTV in conjunction with the 10th Anniversary of the handover set out to be a meaningful story and symbol of the journey of the Chinese people and it accomplished just that. The Drive of Life is not for the fast-paced and quick-movers; instead, it is a series that is significantly meaningful and tackles many life and family issues in depth. Enthralling dramatic scenes together with riveting A-class performances from the veterans, and the young cast not far behind; plus, the enchanting sweeping shots of China and Hong Kong, this cinematographically-pleasing drama is your other third placed series in this category.

Close behind: Brink of Law, Ultimate Crime Fighter

Interesting facts of the entire awards

It goes without surprise that Heart of Greed is the top winner in these awards as well, getting a total of 14 1st place finishes, 3 2nd places and 4 3rd places. Steps followed behind, albeit not very closely, but clocked in with 5 1st place wins, 9 second place wins and 7 3rd places. Next came Dicey Business with 3-5-3. The expensive production of Drive of Life only managed 1 1st, for Most Atrocious Hairstyle of all categories. Yikes.

It goes without saying that Moses Chan dominated in the men's stealing the show with the 2 most important individual 1st places, 1 1st place for his partnership with Ha Yu, and two more 1st places as part of the HOG cast, bringing his total tally of gold medals to five. Mo also had a 2nd place and a 3rd place, both won with Linda Chung. Bosco and Raymond were also rather big winners amongst the guys.

As for the females, everybody's darling, Tavia Yeung stole the most thunder at A Glaze-Over of TVB. Winning 3 individual categories, topping another 3 categories with Bosco, and yet another 2 as part of the Heart of Greed ensemble, her first place wins total eight. She also holds a second place finish for Best Actress, a second place for the Fathers and Sons ensemble and a third place for Dicey Business. Bernice and Michelle also swept a lot of the other awards for the females.

Interestingly enough, these top two winners are rumoured to be paired up in the upcoming sequel to the successful Heart of Greed. Might there be a repeat performance, especially now that these two forces will be joined? Only time will tell.


So finally, the results are out! What are your opinions on the awards? Did your favourites win? Are you more satisfied with the results, compared to the TVB Anniversary Awards? Or did this author take way too long with the awards, causing you to totally forget about them? Be sure to tell me what you think of the #1 Annual Glaze-Over of TVB Awards! Should it be continued or not?

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Anonymous uraznhunnie said...

wow. i must have took you a very long time to put this post together. Supper long post. But it was really interesing. I love how you made the banners/scene pics together. Thast very creative. I have not seens most of those series. Except Heart of greed. I did start on Step though. I'll probably wwatch The drive of life later on. though. I really liked tavia in HOG. I do wish to see more scenes of her. Hopefully in HOG2.

23 January 2008 at 11:06

Anonymous flor.a said...

I refrained myself from posting in the comment board because it'd take far too long and I'd flood it. I was actually visiting the site everyday to see if you've updated for the awards. Anyhow, I was so excited for the awards to reveal.
Being an avid of Tavia I was estatic to see so many awards with her name on it!
I must mention though, either many other voters agreed with the artistes I voted for or there was quite a big...difference.
To keep it short, I agreed with majority of the awards whether it won, came 2nd or 3rd so I'm happy.

23 January 2008 at 12:32

Blogger glazed.over said...

uraznhunnie: Gosh, it took me nearly two months because I'm such a lazy person. Haha.

Oh, you started on Steps? That's great. I personally liked it a lot, even more so because I'm a Bernice fan.

Yeah, hopefully there'll be more of Tavia in HOG2. That girl deserves so much more.

flor.a: You came everyday? Aww, you should just have told me to email you when I updated. Lol. But, I will say that I took forever to write the whole thing - right now, the thought of a second awards at the end of the year makes me scared. Heh.

I know, I was pleasantly amazed at how easily Tavia blew the rest of the competition out of the water.

I'm very happy that people are agreeing with the majority of the results. I had expected controversy for the TVB Awards, so I came out and did this one to see who the fan favourites were. And it's very satisfactory to see that everyone nearly agrees with the winners. :)

23 January 2008 at 14:16

Anonymous Hanjae said...

Yay, they're finally out! I was so excited to see this.

If only TVB had similar results to yours for their anniversary awards! It would have made much more sense and I highly doubt there would have been quite as many complaints of undeserving winners :D

Even if my favourites didn't win certain categories, I can at least feel that the winners deserved it for their efforts, although it wasn't my top choice. Glad poor Bernice won a bunch here.

24 January 2008 at 19:44

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